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Welcome to the Scholarly Journal!

Wondering where to publish your next scientific manuscript? Wondering what would it cost? Scholarly Journal.com gives an overview of various journals that publish in a certain area of science. Publishing in scholarly or scientific journals is often an endpoint in any research effort and selecting the correct publishing venue for one's work is very important to ensure that the work is actually being found and read by the relevant people in the field. With the plethora of journals in any field, the variety of ways to measure 'success' and the difficulty involved in finding any of the relevant information on the average website of a journal, this website was constructed to make the search for the right journal a bit more easy. Scholarly Journal lists a large number of journals in a variety of scientific disciplines and gives some useful information on for instance:

- Publishing costs
- The availability of Open Access
- Any comments that make a journal stand out for a specific reason

Three journal metrics have also been added into the mix, to give an indication of the relative 'success' of each journal. Scholarly Journal would like to stress that the publication of a paper in a journal where the manuscript is actually read by one's peers is far superior to the publication of a paper in a journal with generally high perceived impact, but which is never read by anyone in that particular field. Journal metrics 'rate' the journal, not each individual contribution to that journal. Having said that, Scholarly Journal will include the following journal metrics:

- The SCImago Journal Rank
- The Google h5-index
- The Web of Science Impact Factor  

The Scholarly Journal Ranking

As three journal metrics give three different views on the matter, the Scholarly Journal.com has defined a new metric that is a very simple balanced combination of the three metrics listed above. Each group of journals will have their own unique listing, with 100 being the highest score and 0 being the lowest. A journal that scores a 100 will have the highest ranking in all three of the metrics mentioned above.

At the moment, the Scholarly Journal has covered the following areas of science:

- Structural Biology
- Cell Biology

More areas will continuously be added and the current data listed above will be maintained and expanded where needed

If you have any comments, suggestions or additions to this website, please do not hesitate to let the editors of the Scholarly Journal know by either filling out the guest book or by sending an email to scholarleryjournal@gmail.com. Your suggestions will be included in the relevant overviews where applicable and as soon as possible.

last update on the 14th of August 2013